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I am Cari Li, a Pan-Asian from Singapore, and I have a passion for helping women find simple and sustainable solutions to balanced living. I’ve lived on four different continents and get to meet many women from all walks of life to learn their struggles and help them discover their solutions. I love creating relationships with women who are always finding ways to grow stronger and more resilient. So if you are one of those women, you have come to the right place!

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Stop the Cycle of Sacrificing Your Sleep

Sleep always seems to be so easily sacrificed nowadays. It’s usually one of the first things to go when we are trying to move forward with our career, relationships, or leisure. It’s one of those things that get in our way of being everything we could be. However, sleep is…

Losing 2 Dress Sizes Won't Make You Happy

As a personal trainer and a lifestyle coach, I often come across women who have based their happiness on fitness goals. They usually sound like this: “I won’t be happy until I lose 2 dress sizes.” “Until I see a 6-pack, I won’t like my stomach.”…

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What happens when you are on a diet for 365 days in a year? Have you come across that person that is constantly on fat loss mode? Always trying the latest diet because the last one just “didn’t work for her”. First, she was afraid of eating any carbs…

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The Good Curves Guide is an awesome free e-guide that created by a group of women who are passionate about improving the lifestyles of Superwomen around the world.

I’ve included a workout plan for any woman who is trying to perk up the booty, slim down the thighs and flatten the stomach.

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Meet Our Clients


“I was 72 kg and had a knee problem.With close monitoring and guidance from her I was able to lose 10kg over 4 months and my knee did not give me any more problems.”


"Cari Li became my personal trainer and nothing was the same. She made me sweat all over the world. Being very reactive whenever I was on the move, always coming up with the perfect workout for me."


“Not only did I see my body changing, but I was stronger mentally and physically. I gained self-confidence when she helped to prove that I was stronger than I originally thought.”